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I profess not to be any great writer.

These are the ponderings

of a poor man's mind.

  • Nate Barker

And Other Things Left Unsaid

Last night our writers group met. We call ourselves "Scribblers" and it is an apt name. When we meet together, we share what we've been working on as well as do a communal writing exercise. This is on-the-spot writing that needs to be scribbled down. It is amazing how the members of the group can create something raw and pure from thin air.

Our prompt for writing last night was an image. It actually came from a book about how to fold origami shapes. The origami creation was simply a button down shirt with a tie. Everyone took fifteen minutes to write whatever came to mind.

People shared poems (for some, the first they had ever written), some shared true life stories, and others shared fun tales or the beginnings of a tale that could grow in something more.

I thought I'd share what came to me...

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Yes Nate your family fits this. There are other things to distract attention. Keep on, press on & see the road before you !



Beautiful. And sad.



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