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I profess not to be any great writer.

These are the ponderings

of a poor man's mind.

  • Nate Barker

I Mean It When I Say I Love You

Updated: May 2

(if someone wants to set this to some music - do it)

Words can be empty

A record with a skip

Cycles of syllables

Turning round and round

“I love you”

“Your beautiful”

“I’m sorry”

“It’s okay”

I say these thoughts

With a will of gold

The meanings are deep

But lost in the translation

To turn back time

To the first sentence

The first saying

The first silence after the word love

Now it seems buried

Lost under a pile of things

Things left out by our lives

The clutter of living

“You look good”

“Your skin is so soft”

“That’s a nice dress”

“Excuse me”

To bring back the feelings

The rushes of thought

Utterances spoken softly

Things I longed for you to hear

All I can do now

Is search and look

Not at you but deep

At me

I want to dig quickly

Awaken the sleeper within

There is nothing lost

That cannot be found

“Forgive me”

“Hold me”

“It’s my fault”

“I know “

I think I know us well

Even the brutal facts

About poetry

And the lost languages

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