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I profess not to be any great writer.

These are the ponderings

of a poor man's mind.

  • Nate Barker

Song For A Sunday

Updated: May 2

Ok - I'm trying something new and I need your help. Every month I will be releasing a new long form essay in a series I'm calling "Song For A Sunday". This series is a space for me to write a bit more in depth about a song that moves me and explain to you why.

My hope is that you will find some meaning in it and offer some of your own reflections. I envision this not just as a place to write but a place to exchange ideas.

If you find these essays interesting, challenging or maybe you hate them and just want to troll me - please sign up to receive updates when new ones are released. You can sign up at the top of the Song for A Sunday page. Feel free to share this with friends as well.

The inaugural essay is about the song, “Sleep Now in the Fire” by Rage Against the Machine from their album, The Battle of Los Angeles. Click here to go the Song for A Sunday page, read a bit more about why I'm doing this and then choose this months essay.

Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you.

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