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Totality of Awesome

Updated: May 2

On April 8th we were able to experience what I would consider one of the greatest natural wonders I have ever seen. Our tiny hamlet of Belfort, NY was in the direct path of the 2024 Eclipse and it was not a disappointment. This video chronicles our experience - but does no justice to how awesome this experience was.

Click the video below, or to see this one and all my other videos, visit the "Envision Page" of The Bully Beard.

Tell me your experience of the Eclipse in the comments below.

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Apr 19

Meanwhile, 14 miles away, at the top of the Maple Ridge Center Snow Tubing Hill, we were able to see the moon moving in for about 10 minutes before cloud cover was so complete that we saw nothing more. We did not miss the darkness experience, which was awesome. Alternating between the view up the hill and the horizon in the valley, which was still light, was truly amazing! Thanks so much for sharing the video.


Apr 19

Thanks for shaing your amazing video and comments. We only saw partial elipse here but was great to see yours.


Apr 18

From Glenna Sollenberger: So glad you got to see it. We saw it here in Dallas, TX, with nearly 4 minutes of totality. Amazing experience. "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands" Psalm 19:1



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